Image Assignment

When I was creating my banner image, I knew that I wanted to create something that would fit well with the typical “Gilmore Girl’s” theme. For anyone who has watched Gilmore Girl’s, this falls in settle, autumn-like colors. The given color of my blog was a shade of green, that while still settle, was a little more vibrant than I was intending. Knowing my potential blog readers will most likely be Gilmore fans, I wanted my banner image to resonate with what they are familiar with. I had this thought for two different purposes. The first purpose is that this will show that I understand the shows themes well and will make readers more willing to be interested in my opinion and my blog. The second reason is that familiarity simply tends to make individuals more comfortable. For this reason, I chose to work with two colors a cornflower blue and a pumpkin orange.

On the note of familiarity, I did consider taking screen shots from the show or the opening sequence to include in the header image. My concern with doing so was in breaking copyright law of the material. While Aoki, Boyle & Jenkin’s work ensures me that by completing this project for academic purposes, I do not need to be concerned about breaking copyright law as such since it would fall under fair use, I did not want to take any chances. I also wanted to come up with something slightly more creative and eye catching to the readers. Essentially, I wanted familiar without being an exact copy.

With colors chosen, I thought about the general layout of the header. Given my blog title, “Peace. Love(Coffee). Gilmore Girls.”, it naturally lends itself to having three different sections. I decided that each section would go in order of the way that the English language typically reads, left to right. While the title of the blog is rather clear, it would be even more clarified to individuals who may stumble upon the site. Mostly, this layout gives organization and focus to the header so that it is not just a jumble of photos that the blog visitor doesn’t know what to look at first.

For even better clarity, I then decided that each section would have a picture (either drawn on Procreate or a photo taken on the iPad) and a caption that matched. The first section “Peace.”, played well to drawing a peace sign. In keeping in the Gilmore Girls theme, I attempted to make the peace sign look like it was drawn on a chalkboard by using a black background and a white textured drawling tool. Ultimately, when I placed this with the other two sections I did not like how the black contrasted with the other sections and decided to change the background to orange to fit with the theme colors. As Wysocki discussed, text selection can make a large difference in how text is perceived. For the caption “Peace.” I looked for a font that did not have rigid edges or look to formal in nature. I made the caption large enough to be notices, but not so that it covers up the picture.

For the “Love (coffee).”, section I choose to take a picture of a handmade coffee mug. I would have liked to obtained a coffee mug that resembled those that the Gilmore Girls drank out of at Luke’s Diner, but this was the best mug I could find that fit the theme. The picture was taken with a black background that contrasts the color of the mug so that it stands out from the picture. For the caption, I choose to only write “Love” since “(coffee)” is technically something that could be left out of the phrase and will still appear in the title bar. This helped to make the banner note looked cluttered with text. The font I chose was loopy and girly.

For the “Gilmore Girls.”, section I took a picture of a maple leaf and edited the image so that they bright colors stood out well. The leaf goes with the overall autumn theme and is seen on as a decorative image in the Gilmore Girl’s DVD box sets. The font I chose for the caption was the closest match I could find to the font on the opening sequence. This again helps to bring in an element of familiarity to potential blog visitors.

In formatting all three sections, I played around with positioning, rotating, layering, and cropping the photos so the banner has an esthetic flow to it. I move the words around as well so that they were not all in the same level on the banner, but varied. “Gilmore Girls” was selected to be in the middle since that is the main focus of the blog.

For the about me page, I simply chose a photo of myself. If blog visitors see this image, they will see that I am a young girl and may be able to form a connection with me or may take interest in what a girl of a different generation thinks about the show. However, overall, I have yet to receive comments from visitors on the blog about the banner image or my about me picture.


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