About Me

Peace, Love (Coffee), and Gilmore Girls is dedicated to discussing the much beloved television show Gilmore Girls (1999-2006). This goal of this blog is to serve as a watchers guide, with a little bit of recap, a little bit of commentary, and a WHOLE LOT OF GILMORE. This blog is for long lived fans of Gilmore Girl’s who can remiss of great episodes of the past, but also for newcomers who are in for a real treat. Honestly, if I could erase my memory of all the episodes and start watching it all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat.

senior picLet me introduce myself, My name is Loren and I am a college student from Pennsylvania. I started watching the show in 2005 when the show was in syndication. Being that the show was on every evening at 5, it became a tradition for my mother and I to watch the show as we cooked dinner. We slowly became hooked! My mother now refers to it as her  “daily therapy”. While my mother and I are no Lorelai and Rory, I would like to think we have a rather similar relationship.

Almost ten years later, I have probably seen each episode an average of six times!!! But what I love about the show is that each time you catch something new or understand some of the witty commentary just a bit better. The show was really written in a lovely way to include so many academic and cultural references. I would like to consider myself a Gilmore export, but maybe I’m just a bit more of a Gilmore obsessive…..

Welcome to this Peace. Love (Coffee). and Gilmore Girls.

….and as always, Oy with the Poodles!


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