Episode 108: “Love & War & Snow”


The episode opens with a town meeting discussing the classic town re-enactment of Stars Hollow’s involvement in the Revolutionary War. Luke gets all fired up in how ridiculous the topic is and the Gilmore girls rejoice in the entertainment. The town meetings start to become a standard in the episodes, a component that shows the town in all its glory. 

This is the first episode that we learn of Lorelai’s love of the snow. Everything good happens to Lorelai when it snows; her best birthday, her first kiss, Rory was born, Rory’s first steps… the list goes on. In fact, she claims that she can smell the snow. The Gilmore girls share the tradition of drinking coffee at midnight on the night of the first snow (one that I have taken up myself and have to say is quite fun.”

Lorelai is still stuck on Max… playing his message over and over. Rory and Dean are going hot and heavier (she even brings him some of Sookie’s Rocky Road Cookies). Oh, and Lane’s soul mate is now Rich Bloomenfield with his glorious hair

Well apparently the snow turns into a snow storm, forcing Rory to stay at her grandparents and leaving Lorelai stuck in Stars Hallow. And that’s when everything gets a little crazy.

Rory stuck at her grandparents, but gets to teach the joys of frozen pizza and gives her the chance to learn more about her mom as a teenager and to delve into her parents previous relationship.

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 8.38.47 PM

Lane has a moment of insanity and runs her hands through Rich Bloomenfield’s hair. She runs off to the Gilmore’s to find the house empty and is depressed over how Rory is no longer as present of a factor in her life.

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 8.34.32 PM

And best of all, Max Madina gets stuck in Stars Hallow with car issues. Giving Lorelai her snow present and a reason for Max to spend the night…

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 8.35.45 PM


Luke gives in and gives the reenactors some hot drinks to get through the night. Lorelai and Max romantic evening turns into Max sleeping on the couch when the run into Lane. And everything goes to shambles in the morning when Rory find that her teacher has spent the night at her house.

The episode closes with Rory looking at picture of her parents as teenagers. We almost get a feeling that she wishes they were together (could we possibly be meeting Christopher in the near future?)


Favorite Quote:

Lorelai: “Here Dean, these cookies are for you cause you’re keen!”

Sookie:”Rory’s in LOVE!”

Lorelai:”Love, love, love, Dean, Dean, Dean.”

Sookie: (begins to chant) “With the love and the Dean and the cookies with the love and the Dean….”

(Rory leaves)

Lorelai: “Alright she’s gone”

Sookie: “But it’s fun… With the Rory and the Dean and the cookies and the love…”

Emily: “Rory, that’s food you eat at a carnival, or a Turkish prison.”

Time Warp:

Rory has a pager!!!! Could you imagine anyone let alone a teenager have a pager today?


Lane listens to “The Cure” as her depressed music

Kirk of all Trades:

Battle of Stars Hollow reenactor

From “The Gilmore Girl’s Companion”:

Making a winter wonderland in LA is not easy apparently. Scott Cohen stated, “It was a big mess because the snow machine made so much noise, we had to rerecord dialogue for all out sciences.

Apparently it is really hard to get actors to agree to wear hats and scarves when its 90˚ outside too!

Until next episode, Oy with the Poodles!!! -L


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