Episode 107: “Kiss and Tell”


Our episode opens with the girls arguing over laundry… and Lorelai mentioning that she hasn’t worn underwear in three days. At least the breeze is nice?

Luke refuses to decorate for Thanksgiving, but what is new about that. This is the first time we truly see Taylor in all of his Stars Hallow glory. And we learn how much Luke hates town traditions (something we will commonly see).

Rory runs into the market to “pick up some corn starch”, but we all know she is just there to see Dean. Oh why could I not have had a Dean as a sixteen year old girl, humf….. Anyways Dean offers Rory a pop and she makes fun of him saying its soda. Being from Pittsburgh, pop all the way!!!

AND THEN ONE OF MY FAVORITE GILMORE MOMENTS EVER! Rory gets her first kiss, she said thank you, runs away, and shop lifts! Rory’s conversation with Lane afterwords is the perfect example of teenage girls being teenage girls. Though Rory realizes she has to tell her mom about Dean (duh, duh, duh….)

Lorelai is having difficulty with her fridge and has to make ridiculous noises on the phone. It does remind me how annoying it can be to talk to service people on the phone. However, when she makes a quick trip to Mrs. Kim’s antique shop, the beans are spilled… and Lorelai is left crushed that Rory hasn’t told her about this boy.

Lorelai and Rory meet up at the diner and Lorelai is determined to get Rory to talk about the situation. Lorelai eventual breaks down to Luke about how the situation makes her nervous. It’s one of the first times we see Lorelai acting as a somewhat traditional mom.

Lorelai eventually breaks down and tells Rory she knows and the mother-daughter relationship returns… somewhat. The girls run to the market so they can prepare for their Willy Wonka movie night. Of course, they run into Dean and Lorelai has to sufficiently snoopy. But snooping slowly turns into Lorelai inviting Dean to there movie night.

Rory freaks out about her first date ever being with her mother present. Then Rory freaks out about how she doesn’t allure boys like her mother. Then Rory just plane freaks out.

The date goes fabulously and Dean fits in perfectly to the pizza eating, candying guzzling, Oompa Lumpa obsessed lifestyle of the Gilmore’s.

After Lorelai and Dean get a chat in, Rory and Dean get a good goodnight’s kiss (in which Dean says “Thank You”), and Lorelai and Rory get their gab on, a successful evening is deemed!

Favorite Quote:

Lorelai: “Yeah, can you hear that? No, No, it’s like a high pitched sort of ‘Eeeee!’ sound.”


Lorelai: “Are the lids tight on the paint remover, cause you are sounding a little loopy to me.”


Cashier: “$41.83”

Lorelai: “Jeez, it’s expensive to rott your insides.”


Lorelai: “I’m afraid when your heart is involved it all comes out moron.”


Time Warp:

Polar ice caps melting much??? Check out this 2001 article!

polar ice caps

 and Lucky on General Hospital (who evidently has hair gel issues)

Lucky 1 lucky 1

Lucky 2 lucky 2

Lucky 3 lucky 3


Ironically, Lucky 1 (Jonathan Jackson) stars in the movie Tuck Everlasting with Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore).


Until next episode, Oy with the Poodles!!! -L


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