Episode 106: “Rory’s Birthday Parties”


Like last week episode, this week’s episode opens with the Gilmore’s at Friday night dinner. Lorelai breaks out in crazy antics about her crazy friend Sissy and how she talked to her stuffed animals. This is by far not the most absurd thing that happens at dinner. Emily then tells the girls to go the house and put post-it notes on what they want to be willed around the house. Still not the most crazy thing. The most crazy thing to happen is that Emily serves pudding at dinner!!!! Pudding seems to become a figure of speech throughout the episode.


As the girls mark their items with post-its, Emily brings up the fact that it is Rory’s birthday and she wished to throw a party for her. Lorelai then goes on a banter of how the government will close and Barbara Streisand will give her last concert and Elvis will be bringing chips!

In other news, Jackson invent the rasquat! Today, he is a GOD… and Michael must bow down to him! Maybe there isn’t actually a rasquat, but there is raspberry kumquat sugar cookie cake!

When Rory arrives at school she comes to find that her Grandmother’s small gathering is actual a massive party for everyone at Chilton and all of her Grandfather’s high class friends. When Rory goes to tell Lorelai though, Lorelai is “refreshed” by her day of shopping with her mother and Rory does not want to ruin her good mood.

Speaking of Rory’s past parties, apparently her 8th birthday party was shut down by the cops? And the clown got arrested???

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 9.28.24 PM

This episode contains one of my favorite Gilmore moments ever and a moment that really defines the relationship between Lorelai and Rory. Lorelai makes a tradition of climbing into Rory’s bed to retell the story of Rory’s birthday when she was swearing like a sailor on leave and felt like she was doing splits on a crate of dynamite. Keep in mind Lorelai says this all in the softest most enduring tone of voice. Rory says that she wonders if the Walton’s every did this (which is very ironic considering the Gilmore Girl house is the same as the Walton house!). This is a moment that truly makes me jealous of the mother/daughter relationship that they have!

Emily throws quite the affair for Rory with caterers and candlestick six inches apart. Lorelai gets stuck in an obnoxious conversation with an old high school friend, Rory finds Paris at her party, and Richard “approves” Rory’s friendship with Tristan. The whole party ends in Rory’s complete melt down. Richard does give Rory a generous gift to fund her trips to Fez. …and Lorelai and Emily get into a huge fight!

Rory attends a college fair and found out Paris wants to go to Harvard as well. The war to get in is ON! But we do get to see the slight beginnings of their beautiful friendship to come.

The Gilmore Girl house is a hopp’in place with a Rory face cake and all!! Emily and Richard show up to the party and are welcomed in in the best possible way… with Lorelai screaming to get their asses in there. Emily walks in on Lorelai giving Luke a hug. She later questions their relationship or the fact that Lorelai looks like she wants to give him a lap dance…

In other news, Richard is an autumn (haha, oh teen magazines!)

To finish off our episode, we see a little tete-a-tete between Rory and Dean. He gives her a bracelet for her birthday… under Lorelai’s panicked eye!!


Favorite Quote:

Lorelai: “Oh, don’t sit there. We got a post-it on it and want to keep it nice.”


Luke: “She’s not here yet.”

Lorelai: “Alright well you’ll have to entertain me until she does. Okay, burger boy DANCE!”

Luke: “Will you marry me?”

Lorelai: “What?”

Luke: “Just looking for something to shut you up” (if only this could be true!)

Time Warp:

Lorelai jokes that the symphony is going to learn “Like a Virgin”

Rory receives a blue iBook, which was all the rage at the time




Until next episode, Oy with the Poodles!!! -L


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