Episode 105: “Cinnamon’s Wake”


This is an episode that defines Stars Hollow and all of its quirkiness!!!!

The episode opens with a Friday night dinner absent of Richard. Emily asked the girls to attend a funeral for a distant relative and Lorelai says she is too busy. This becomes important for later in the episode.

In the next scene, Rory badgers Lorelai for how she is going to participate in the Chilton bake sale. She of course has Sookie to cover it. And oh boy does she have it covered!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 12.50.06 PM

The two leave the house to see Babette and Mori walking their cat Cinnamon around town. Rory responds that their town is weird, but you got to love it!!!

The Inn is crawling with French business men in which of course Michael refuses to help. Oh classic Michael. I think his favorite word must be “unspeakable”.

At the bake sale, Lorelai runs into Max, whom she refuses to have anything but a formal interaction with. Max reassures that he is here to help Rory and not hinder her…. though this may just be a ploy to get her to go out with him. But oh wait, it is a ploy for him to ask her out. Lorelai is very resistant at first, though she is dying to go out with him. He of course proposed coffee. and Lorelai being Lorelai cannot resist a coffee invitation. During the “accidental meeting” of the two, they engage in some light conversation about rap music and italian food????? Lorelai is very resistant to the pairing, though we all know that it is killing her on the inside to do so. He tells her a cute little story about his uncle though that gets her thinking.

Cinnamon goes for another walk and she doesn’t seem to be doing well. Babette claims it to be the clams from Al’s Pancake World… who would ever eat there I do not know. Seems like people are asking for food poisoning.

Lorelai and Sookie get their gab on at the diner. Luke asks how they get any work done, I often wonder the same thing. Sookie goes behind the counter at the diner to take things into her own hands.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 1.10.07 PM

Luke of course gets furious saying “You don’t get on the Dali Lama’s yoga mat, you don’t get behind the counter.”

Then there is some metaphorical speaking about soufflé…. well you can’t always understand everything. Here is a seemingly yummy soufflé recipe though.

The episode takes a turn for the worse when Cinnamon tragically passes away. Being Stars Hollow, of course they hold a wake for the cat. While everyone knows how ridiculous it s, they all take it very seriously. Rory runs into Dean there and is her awkward self. When will she be able to admit that she is completely mad about him???

AND THEN MAX SHOWS UP!!!! He is quite thrown off when he finds out he is being turned down for the neighbors cat thinking it is some made up event. There seems to be a hopeful future for the two however. Lorelai has some insightful talk about Rory and Max with Babette to quell her worries. Rory and Lorelai have a small debacle about the ordeal though. The two decide that maybe its not the best idea for them to date and like all good fights, it ends with discussing panda bear underwear!!

panda underwear


Remember how I said to remember that their cousin dies… well Emily is quite made when Lorelai frees her schedule for a cat funeral.

The episodes ends with mother and daughter agreeing that Lorelai can date Max… sparing that she keeps him out late the night before her next exam!!

Favorite Quote:

Emily: “Oh wait, Rudolph Goltfried.”

Lorelei: “Another cousin?”

E: “No, a Nazi that we knew, I’d forgotten. We stayed with him once in Munich. Nice old man, interesting stories.”

L: “Mom, eh, you socialized with a known Nazi? That’s despicable, that’s heinous.”

E: “No, dear. That was a joke.”


Lorelai: “I’m attracted to pie, that doesn’t mean I have to date pie.” (Though pie would be quite tasty)


Time Warp:

Lane mentions M. Night Shyamalan (he is the director of the 1999 movie The Sixth Sense)

Lorelai has quite the infatuation with The Bangles, as do I!

Who remembers making GUM WRAPPER NECKLACES???

gum wrapper

Rory mentions the Iran Contra Scandal, along with two key players Oliver North and his secretary Fawn Hall

oliver north fawn hall

Finally, they mention the relationship of Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton (what would Brad think?)



Kirk of all Trades:

General Manager of the Market (or Kirk the jerk as Miss. Patty likes to call him)



Until next episode, Oy with the Poodles!!! -L


Episode 104: “The Deer-Hunters”


So I am going to keep this weeks summary short. I have to say that this not particularly one of my favorite episodes except for one handsome factor. Rory has to take a test a Chilton. The academic work as been very rigorous on her and she takes to an all-nighter session to study. Note: This is also the first time we gain insight into Rory’s infallible list making. I may or may not have taken on this list making ability… Anyways, Rory does not wake up on time, causing her to have to drive herself to school. Upon the drive she gets hit by a deer. Let me repeat that, SHE gets hit BY the DEER!

rory deer

Deer can be so stupid sometimes. Long story short, Rory shows up late for the test, causes a seen (much to Paris’s delight), and is sent to Headmaster Charleston.

However, this causes Lorelai to have to come into Chilton and meet Mr. Max Medina (played by Scott Cohen).

scott cohen

Truly of all the Gilmore men, he is my favorite by far. He is perfect by default, but actually, I think Amy Sherman-Pallidino wrote him to be the perfect man. Not only is he handsome and smart, but he is friendly and caring…. especially since he eventually agrees to give Rory a make-up test.

What will the future hold for Max and Lorelai????

Favorite Quote:

Paris- “Hey, you know, not everybody can be smart. As my mother always says, somebody has to answer the phones.”

Time Warp:

This is one that I was actually unfamiliar with. I always love learning new cultural references though! Turns out I did know a bit about Jack Benny

Until next episode, Oy with the Poodles!!! -L



Episode 103: Kill Me Now

Episode Summary:

Our episode opens with a Friday night dinner, a very common component of any Gilmore episode. The family is seen discussing the current maid and debating over her name. It’s no secret that Emily goes through maids like maids go through dust rags. I could not imagine having a maid permanently in my house; sure it would be nice, but very odd.

So Rory has to join a team sport, so Emily has to intervene and encourages her to join the golf team. Though of course she has to first send her off to the club with her grandfather first. Lorelai immediately objects, not wanting to subject her daughter to the club lifestyle that she desperately ran away from. When she lists off the things she rather do then go to the club… that’s often how I feel about doing some of my schoolwork. Nonetheless….

So the Inn is hosting a wedding… a double wedding…. A double wedding for twins marrying twins. WEIRD!!! First note: That’s a lot of tulle and lots of purple! Lorelai of course has everything under control though and is the party planning master. Will the wedding end in bliss or tragedy, we shall find out!

Richard takes Rory to the club, much to his dismay. In our episodes so far, Richard has been a cold businessman. Watchers don’t really feel a connection for him so far. The outing seems to go array at first, but the two bond over their love of traveling. Rory specifically mentions her want to go to Fez.


Likewise, the two can gossip quite while too! It is a special relationship that never wavers throughout the series. It is something that is very settle, but something viewers realize on reflection really makes the show. At the end of the golfing, they run into a women. Upon this, Richard calls her “The most odious women alive.” It’s funny how many people feel the same way too.

Sookie and Jackson have a debacle over produce, very typical of the two. This time Jackson didn’t have the strawberries that Sookie needed for her strawberry shortcake. Instead he delivers blueberries… so instead Sookie makes blueberry shortcake, which sounds absolutely delicious to me. I don’t know what recipe she used, but I can guess it was something like this! Sookie and Jackson’s strawberry chase is the perfect precursor of what’s to come.

Rory and Lorelai meet back up at the diner for a burger. Lorelai de-stresses about the wedding chaos and asks about Rory’s day. To Lorelai’s shock and displeasure, Rory tells her she had fun. Though Lorelai doesn’t say it, you know she is thinking that her mother was right and she hates her for that. Lorelai takes on a bad attitude because of it. Why she had to attack Rory for stretching out her sweater with her boobs? At least she realizes, how wrong she was in her discussion with Sookie.

The wedding is an absolute beautiful event, from the two dancing brides, to Drella sneaking a beer, to Ms. Patty dancing with the random man. It also proves to be the perfect time for mother and daughter to reunite. It’s also good to know that ruffled underwear are a great crowd pleaser.




Favorite Quotes:

Emily: “You can use your mother’s old golf clubs. They are upstairs gathering dust, just like your mother’s potential.”


Michael: “I hate swans.”

Lorelai: “These particular swans?”

M: “No, all swans. I was attacked by a band of swans in Luxembourg Gardens when I was a boy. No one forgets that.”

L: “Oh no, not being attacked by a band of swans. Was it an all boy band of swans, kind of a scary, feathery, N-Sync sort of fiasco?”

 luxonburg gardens

Lorelai: “I have to be more adult about this. I mean if the country club life is what she wants, more power to her. Little white gloves and coming out parties, that makes some girls happy, right?

Sookie: “Sure, yeah, if they’re on Prozac absolutely.”

*** I forgot how fast the dialogue on this show really went until I tried typing out the exact conversation they were having.



Lorelai references the doublemint commercials when the set of twins unite with their lovers….

Shana Twain’s “I Feel Like a Women” on a harp? Couldn’t find that, but could find one of my old favorites.

And the Madonna/Sean Penn Marriage, that occurred between 1985 and 1989


Kirk of all Trades:

Swan delivery man! Kirk is much sassier in these episodes than he is later on. Total Job Count = 2


Hope you all spent your weekend Gilmore Girl’s binge watching with a large cup of coffee in hand!!!!


Until next episode… Oy with the poodles!!!! -L