Episode 102: The Lorelai’s First Day at Chilton

In my first post I said I wasn’t going to go in episode order, but since then I have changed my mind… well for the first few posts again. I decided that it has been almost two years since I have been able to watch the series in episode order, so why not do that now??? And in case we do have any newcomers, this way you can easily follow along and become just as big GG fan as I am!!!


And here starts my random bantering for “The Lorelai’s First Day at Chilton”:

  • The episode starts off with the most perfect of perfect mother daughter moments… it really does explain the Lorelai/Rory relationship for the remainder of the series!
  •  Here is the song that Lane runs in frantically talking about

So Rory’s first day at Chilton, let’s start counting all the ways this day goes to hell:

  • Lorelai doesn’t have her clothes from the dry cleaners
  • Lorelai wakes up late
  • Lorelai- “That’s the last time I buy anything just because it’s furry”
  • I went to public school so I never got to wear a school uniform. Oddly enough I think it would have been nice to not think about what I had to wear all the time.
  • Lorelai has to go into Chilton in her Dukes of Harzard shorts (a lot of this seems to be happening ton Lorelai!)

daisy duke

For those of you new watchers, Chilton is the ultimate stuck-up Prep school for those of the New England WASP community. It’s cold, frigid, and unforgiving. I would be scared beyond belief going into a setting such as this from a public high school! Rory most definitely has the poise and the wits to handle such a situation though.


  • Lorelai- “See that is what happens when you go to bed with your make-up on”
  • Poor Lorelai, not only does she make a fool of herself in front of the headmaster, but HER MOTHER as well!
  • Rory- “Just living in Stars Hallow is a social activity” If that isn’t the truth, I don’t know what is
  • Ultimate Rory moment: “I want to go to Harvard and study journalism and political science… I wish to be Christiane Amanpour” (some major foreshadowing possible!!!)christiane amanpour
  • Headmaster Charleston all but says Rory will fail at succeed at Chilton
  • INTRODUCE PARIS!!!! You wouldn’t think Paris’s character was one that would last for a long time, or someone that you would ever like; we will just have to wait and see what happens with her character.
  • You have to be able to recite the school’s song at any time????? Who made-up that rule?
  • There’s NO COFFEE (jk!). Though that would be the worst thing to happen.
  • Miss Patty- “Ladies, what do I see? Naked Girls! Keep those leotards on! This is not Brazil!”
  • Look’s like we got ourselves a Mary! Huh???
  • Being a college student, I don’t know if I could handle that much work at one time. When headmaster Charleston said that had high expectation, he really meant it!
  • I wonder if peaches really do roll differently if they have extra water in them???
  • Mary Count= 3
  • Lorelai and a Chilton dad… possible future? I think not!
  • Rory manages to wreck Paris’s whole project, YIKES!!
  • Mary Count Total= 4
  • TIME WARP: Miss Patty- “Now walk smooth. That’s the new Harry Potter on your heads. If they should drop, Harry will die and there won’t be any more books” Man does this quote date the show, as this is referring to the original Harry Potterharry potter


Now enters one of the most pivotal characters to the GG plot line, KIRK (in this case Mick. Why Mick then Kirk? No one will ever know)! Kirk is by far my favorite character on this show. Kirk is played by Sean Gunn. Kirk is known for all the different jobs that he holds, which is a lot. Being so, I am going to start counting all the jobs he has starting with….

  • Kirk Job’s: DSL installer (1)
  • Lorelai has a run-in with her mother
  • Note: Lane refers to her MOTHER, not parents!

And to round off our episode we have Lorelai talking about dating Luke!!! Then of course Rory has to go and ruin it by saying if they broke up they couldn’t eat there! Will Luke and Lorelai ever get together???? For those veterans you know what is or isn’t down the road for the duo. For those newbies, keep on watching!!!!!! I promise it was be rewarding!


For those of you looking for an extra treat: Buzzfeed has been adding a lot of post related to GG with the prevailing Netflix premier on OCT. 1ST!!! This one was shared by a friend and is by far my favorite!



Until next time and Oy With the Poodles!!!! -L




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